Sunday, June 15, 2008

new blog

I am excited to finally launch my new blog! My friend Christine and her wonderful husband Mike have been so helpful in getting it together. All new posts will be at Please update your reader or bookmarks! I hope to see you over there!

Friday, May 23, 2008

kirstan and robert - hilton head

Kirstan and Robert were married at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa. I drove down Friday afternoon to do a couple portrait session with them on the beach and ended up going to their ceremony rehearsal. We did their engagement session in Atlanta in February after several times trying to plan a trip to Hilton Head because the weather was not cooperating. Click here for the engagement slideshow.

The weather on Friday was perfect - in the 70s with a cool ocean breeze. Saturday was a different story with a storm looming overhead. It sprinkled a little at the end of the ceremony and we were afraid to go too far out on the beach. No "trashing the dress" before the reception!

Kirstan and Robert had hired me over the telephone, but we seemed to instantly "click". Kirstan has the most infectious laugh - you can't be around her long without having fun for sure! Robert is part of a huge family and such a nice guy. They all had a way of making me feel like family really quickly.

Both of Robert's parents and Kirstan's mother had passed away, so there was a lot of emotion that day. I asked Robert if he noticed all the guests watching from their rooms and he said that once he saw Kirstan all he saw was the tears in his eyes. They lit memorial candles before the cake cutting and I love the photo of Kirstan wiping his tears. Then, during the father/daughter dance, it was Kirstan's time to cry.

I don't normally go back to the room with the couple - I wasn't the only one there! BUT they had such a fantastic view off their balcony. It was hard trying to capture them and the ocean in complete darkness, but I love the shots we got in the end. Robert's nephews are 2 floors down yelling up to them. I'm sure at least one wing of the Westin knew which room they were in.

Thank you so much Kirstan and Robert for such a wonderful day. I enjoyed hanging out with you and your families and friends. Much love to you!

A casual and relaxed Robert hanging out with his nephews.


First kiss.

3rd or 4th kiss!

Here's where I was afraid of Robert's back going out.

They love these pelicans that are all around the Westin. This is their favorite because they said it looks like the are getting married. Kirstan shared her bouquet for a few.

The best wedding party entrance EVER!

Ummm....I think this is called....


I wonder if she has a ring yet?

Robert's nephews were hilarious!

Go Robert! Go Kirstan!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

may pug and my birthday

Last Tuesday night was our monthly Pictage User Group (PUG) meeting, which is held in the conference room upstairs from my studio. Charlotte photographer Critsey Rowe was our guest speaker. Critsey is a partner of Indigo Photography and has recently launched her own boutique style company. She has been published in many local and national magazines and had her first international magazine feature in the current issue of UK’s “You and Your Wedding”. She photographed Carolina Panther Thomas Davis’ wedding that will be featured on the WE channel show Platinum Weddings and published soon on the cover of a local magazine. Critsey talked about how she stepped up marketing her business and meeting with event planners outside NC. She founded The Next Set, a group of photographers networking to high end vendors. She photographed celebrity planner David Tutera in his NYC apartment last month. Critsey and Thomas Geist from Germany just recently got married. It was great having them up for the PUG and dinner afterwards.

So, my birthday was the day after the PUG, last Wednesday. I had thought that Mexican would be a good choice for dinner - because it is my favorite. Then, I had the most embarrassing birthday experience ever in a restaurant. They came to the table singing with a red sombrero that they plopped on my head and started sticking a spoon of whipped cream in my face. Thinking it would make the guy stop, I finally let him put the spoon in my mouth - only to end up with whipped cream up my nose. What was I thinking!!! Please God, don't let any cell phone photos show up on the internet!

I had arranged a lunch at 12 Bones with Critsey, Thomas and a few other friends from the DWF forum, which is how we all met. Much to my surprise, Critsey, Corey Cagle and Honour Hiers had arranged for a lot of other photographers and vendors to come. 12 Bones always has a long line and so as I walked up - 1/2 the line started singing! They went all out decorating and even got an awesome cake made with Reese's cups.

My beautiful cake from Chez Nous.

Woodward + Rick (Brian and Gry)

Surprise! - 1/2 the line starts singing.

Brian, Corey McNabb and Thomas

More singing - 3rd time!

The whole gang!

Jill Schwarzkopf and Corey McNabb

Shay Brown and Brian

Critsey, Me and Brie Castell

My friend Christine from TX did a wonderful blog post for my birthday and you will get to see my new pimped out present soon!

I got a ton of birthday wishes on Facebook, my new internet obsession, and an awesome email from my friends Gene Higa and Ann Hamilton from San Francisco with a hilarious series of photos. Bogie was asleep so he is partying in photo form.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all my friends for making me feel so special!